Thursday , August 11 2022

Adopt the Mtukudzi family in a debate


The late family Oliver Mtukudzi has broken all the memoir and gigs events in his honor saying the first official event will be the Cape Town Jazz Festival, with the Tuku band performing.

A number of memory concerts have been hosted in the name of the late music icon, with Sandra and Selmor women recently participating in one of the events in South Africa.

The Youth, Sport, Arts and Leisure ministry in partnership with the Zimbabwe National Arts Council had organized another concert that had been scheduled for a last Saturday in the capital but failed to perform in obscure circumstances.

In a press release posted on Tuku's official social media pages, the family penetrated such incidents saying they did not have the support of the family.

The statement of extensive criticism with the Good widow has been the subject of assaults for claiming that the same as Selmor closes.

"We are still trying to get to terms with losing our strength pillar and we have not been engaged with any organization or individual to organize and plan any events on behalf of and for the Mtukudzi family here in Zimbabwe or elsewhere.

"We would like to know about any events or conclusions that are being held in the Mtukudzi family name as we are still grieved," read the statement.

This has been seen by many as an assault on Tuku's women who have performed in such platforms.

"All events with Tuku Music and Mtukudzi family approval will be posted on the official pages of social media Tuku Music, the first first official event was the Cape Town Jazz Festival, which is intended for Dr. Mtukudzi to perform this year and the show will now be a celebration of & She was a music life from her Black Spirits support band. "

Online people said they supported Tuku and not the brand that has located to take the legacy.

"Having said this, we would like to appeal to everyone to respect our wishes to have time to adapt as a family," the statement reads further.

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