Tuesday , August 9 2022

A man was arrested after trying to re-print £ 2m cash in Sarb


TSHWANE – The South African Police Service has arrested a man who took the South African Bank with a R2 million in false notes, trying to "re-print", said Captain Kay Makhubele's spokesman on Thursday.

"The suspect came to the workers at South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) in the helpdesk and he asked for help. Susb said the suspect said he was bringing money to recycle," said Makhubele.

He said the man insisted he was not aware that the notes were fake.

"The money was suspended in the laptop black bag and when the worker opened the bag, R200 notes were only found that were checked in the bank as counterfeit notes that amounted to R2 million," said Makhubele .

"The suspect claimed he was a mechanician and found the money under one of the cars he was installing. The SAPS is called and the suspect was arrested. It will appear in the Magistrates' Court Pretoria soon. "

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