Thursday , August 11 2022

A judge runs that the actress Connie Ferguson has copied a skincare brand pack


Judge Denise Fisher in his high court decision in Johannesburg said that the Connie package was calculated to pass the shower gel as the Nivea product.

Although there were "obvious differences" in the Connie and Nivea package details, the possibility of confusion continued, said Fisher in his opinion last week.

"A shower gel is related to the nature of products that are often the subject of stimulating purchase, which … has an effect that a chance of wall is being improved," he said.

"When capturing on a relatively small purchase, consumers would be less likely to be too confidential or knowledgeable in relation to a brand, and more likely to look at impressions immediately."

Nivea owners, Beiersdorf Koni attacked in December 2017, saying that the company passed some of its products such as Nivea. He said in court papers that he was the leader of the SA market and had transferred more than R8.7bn since 2012, with R258m only of shower nappies.

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