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A five-year-old cancer victim apologizes to her mother before she dies in her arms


Charlie Proctor of Accrington died in England on 9
November of rare cancer after mentioning the last most encouraging words
i'm fam.

The young boy – who had many hearts, including
American singer Pink (39) because of his bravery – he said, "I'm sorry about this"
before dying at Mom Schofield's mother's arm.

Charlie had made a battle with hepatoblastoma, rare cancer
Starting in the liver that affects children mainly up to three years, RSVP

Although his mother and dad, Ben Proctor, have set up a funding page
He wanted him a large needed operation in the USA, they could not get up
It needed £ 855 580 (R15,8 million).

mail on November 10, Amber wrote, "Now night at 23:14 my best
friend, my world, Charlie, takes her last breath.

"He fell asleep suddenly in my arm with dads
arms have been wrapped around and around. Our hearts are tired, "he said.

The post came to an end saying she was proud of her son for
fighting for as long as he was, adding, "I hurt so much. I will forever
losing baby baby Sweet dreams to my baby.

In a previous post, on November 9, Amber wrote that she would not
longer share photos of the boy.

"As days pass, it's more and more
longer looks like Charlie. It's so thin, I can see and feel every bone in it
a small body, its face has sink, its rolling eyes, "he said.

"I want everyone to remember Charlie about who it is. I want
They remembered how it looked, how bad it was, how funny, how bad it was
It was because Charlie is not one of those at present. Sadly, he's tired, he's
full of food and low.

"I do not know what to do now" is its main words. "

The youth fired the disease for two years after being
who had been diagnosed in February 2016, Y

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