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A couple, married for 56 years, dies separate hours while holding hands


A couple who married for 56 years died on the same day while holding hands.

Judy and Will Web, 77, died from the city of Melvindale in Michigan, USA, only hours apart in hospice hands on 6 March reports, WGN9.

Judy's health began to deteriorate after medical treatment in December and without any explanation Will health began to get worse too.

The elderly woman suffered an infection and was placed on a ventilator, one of her daughters, MaryBeth, told the local media, People are reporting.

"She smiled a fever, sparked fever. She started getting congested, had pneumonia," said MaryBeth.

"A reaction from a medicine called metabolic encephalopathy, then turned around and that was what he had."

"For me, they didn't want to live together."

The couple were then placed in hospice care together.

In their final round, carers pushed the couples' beds together and the couple held hands before dying. Will died at 02:00 and Judy, who rubbed his hands after he passed, died a few hours later.

"For me, they didn't want to live together," said MaryBeth.

"I know it sounds crazy but people can die from a broken heart, and I feel that's what happened to my dad."

MaryBeth said that although her mother no longer responded well, she asked her if she wanted to make comfortable care and go with her father.

"She performed, shot her head up and said," Yes, where is he? MaryBeth said.

He told the local media that her parents had done everything with each other, Metro reports.

"They were … rarely apart. They were always with each other for 56 years of their life."

"They were separate in separate hospitals for two months and they had never been apart more than a day or two."

The couple were buried on 12 March at the Michigan Memorial Funeral Home.

Sources: Metro, People, WGN9

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