Sunday , August 7 2022

3 other sealed accused of copying & # 39; well known brands


The actress and employee Connie Ferguson have lost their legal struggle with Nivea, the giant healthcare, after a judge decides that her beauty products company intends to cheat customers by making a similar product to those of Nivea.

As TimesLIVE said this week, Judge High Court, Denise Fisher, ordered that Connie's company, Koni International Brands, be converting its Connie Bodycare Men Shower Shower packaging and deleting images of the criminal products of signs, websites and media platforms social. Fisher also awarded costs against Connie's company.

There has always been an annual fight between the two companies.

In the middle of the battle the use of navy blue containers and the silver and yellow fonts, found by the court, were too similar to those by Nivea.

Of course, the first time to a famous face is not accused of copying a well-known brand design.

Although some have never been challenged in court law, here are some that have been offered in the public opinion courts.

Cassper against Cartoon Network

When Cassper attacked the mainstream music industry several years ago, he flooded the market with brand products that were similar to Cartoon Network's black and white Vicar.

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